Arduino Mega Replacement components

Hi, I have two burnt-out components on my Arduino Mega. I found them on the online schematic, but I'm not sure where to look for them.

They are:





I looked at the top of the components and they had the following labels:


GW 4007


A476D 10F60

Does anyone know where I can find replacement parts?

Search for 1N4007 in SMB package.
Search for aluminum cap in surface mount package, probably 100uF, 25V, maybe 5mm?

I think I found an appropriate capacitor:

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics North America
Manufacturer Part Number: ECASD91B107M012K00
Description: CAP ALUM 100UF 12.5V 20% SMD
Lead free / RoHS Compliant

However, SMB packaged diodes for some reason aren’t the same size as the one I measured on the board. It appears to match an SMA packaged diode.

I found this diode which appears to be the correct size:

Manufacturer: Diodes Inc
Manufacturer Part Number: S2BA-13-F
Description: RECTIFIER GPP 100V 1.5A SMA
Lead free by exemption / RoHS Compliant

Is there anything glaring that would suggest why either of these won’t work (I’m a mechanical engineer normally so I don’t have a lot of electronics experience)?

If they fit on the board, they will do fine.

How did you damage the input power section?

A battery pack had the red wired as ground and black as hot, so I accidentally plugged it in backwards :( These were the only two components which had visible damage, hopefully the board will work after I replace them.

Oooh, nasty! Hopefully the diode took the brunt of it.

Description: RECTIFIER GPP 100V 1.5A SMA

SMA is smaller than SMB but it should fit on the pads enough to solder

Got the two parts on and the chip works like a charm :)