arduino mega sensor shield v2.0 voltage

Guys , hi there with my first post!

i have one arduino mega 2560 connected with 10 ultrasonic sensors (HCSR04 )

i made a test using a bread board and one external supply ( 5v ) and everything work very well.

I need to clean up my project so i bought one shield to connect all sensors and stuff ( arduino mega sensor shield v 2.0 )

i tried to connect on this shield with 5v volts ( removing and letting the jumper ) on blue connector on the shield and this not work.

Also i read about , arduino external power supply ( without shield !!! ) needs one external power between 9v and 12v .

but i don’t know if i connect this external power supply IN THE SHIELD WITH 9 Volts , the shield / arduino will CONVERT from 9v to 5v to my sensors .

I’m afraid to fry my sensor with more voltage than he needs

at least:

How to supply energy to shield to work with 15 sensors using 5v?

thank you in advance!


ps : i posted some photos!

I found this:

This version has two options of +5V supply to all the "V" pins:

Jumper on: +5 comes from the Arduino. Should be limited to about 300 ma
Jumper off: +5 comes from the blue terminal strip and an external supply.

Using an external supply allows power for control of many servos or relays, and other attached devices.

Looks like there is no 5Vregulator. Use 5V to blue connector.
Check that 5V appears at every row marked 'V'

thanks nut_ny!
i already saw this when i bought the shield … but doesn’t work…

I did it this ( 5V / 1500mA ) but the voltage into every shield looks dead…

And works well when i use only the mega for connecting inputs directly to arduino. I also connected the power , ground to one broadboard and loop the ground with arduino and the sensors are working well , but it is not the nicest solution. (picture attached )

i didn’t find also any explanation. i think i’m doing something really stupid… :slight_smile:

thank you!