Arduino |Mega |Serial Port Not Showing on pc. The TX, RX and LED are constantly on

Hey guys, I recently bought a Mega2560, Appears original and the one from italy. I had been running a couple of SG90 servos (2 to be precise) of the mega protyping for a certain application.

The servos could run upto 3hours off USB power through a motor driver chip fixed on top of the chip.

Now today morning, reconnecting the Mega to power(USB) it does not show up on serial. But my other boards are. I tried swichting the USB cables but still wont show up on serial. Whats peculiar is that once the Mega is plugged in, the previously installed sketch is running okay, still sending PWM signals via the pins id cofigured while using it before.

Now the Mega is barely a week old and came with a preinstalled bootloader, never had to install one.

What could be the problem? I know the ATmega MCU is okay, since code is running, but something about the serial chip on board. Any Suggestions?

Now the MEGA also has the TX & RX lights as well as the LED13 constantly on. With the LED13 blinking once and back to solid ON when the reset button is on.

Are you printing a lot of diagnostic messages. It is possible you have flooded the serial channel?

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