Arduino Mega stopped detecting from the Computer


My Arduino mega stops communicating with my PC (tried with Win7 and LINUX) It is not detected in COM Port, previously it is detected

When I connect the USB cable to Arduino, the RX and TX LED glows always ! it don't blink What may be the problem ? The atmega 8 burned away ? or The program in atmega 8 is deleted ? or Any Other Problem ?

Load some small example sketch, hit upload, wait for ide to finish compiling(look at progress bar) THEN plug arduino in computer(when uploading stage begin)

I will say that the problem may be the ATMEGA16 or some component related with the USB circuit or the ATMEGA16 (for example the crystal or the reset circuit).

My guess is the bootloader is corrupted have had this on cheap copy Mega's a couple of times..

Need to reflash the loader..

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