Arduino mega tutorials and breadboards

Hi everybody!
I'm totally a beginner of Arduino and I want to buy arduino mega 2560 R3 because I have to do a big project, but I don't want to buy two arduino boards.
I've looked for tutorials on arduino mega, but I found only tuts on Arduino Uno R3 or Diecimila (maybe duemiladieci, but I don't remember it...). How can I start learning arduino from Mega?
I thought that the tut I found on diecimila (Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!) worked well too, but, when I read it, I noticed that it uses a protoshield instead of a breadboard (I would like to buy a breadboard) and it doesn't explain well how to use a breadboard (or I couldn't understood well, that's more possible).
So my question is: Is there an easy tutorial to start develop with arduino and a breadboard? Something based on Mega?

The second question is: is there a tutorial to learn how to use a breadboard?

Thanks a lot!!
Good Sunday!

there is no need for mega tutorials as you can usually just use the code from uno for a mega. only thing you gotta do is maybe change the pins in the code.
when u have a breadboard and a multimeter and put it to resistance detect mode you will realize how the breadboard works in less then 3min.
or you could go to wikipedia... and see stuff like this, which pretty much explains it
also as a beginner you might wanna look into this