Arduino Mega + USB Shield problem

Hi all,

I'm new with Arduino.

Now, i'm triying yo use USB Shield ( ) but I can't.

When try to use this shield, I get: Error: OSCOKIRQ failed to assert

I'm searching a lot in Google, but I can find a solution for my problem.

I already try to use an external power supply for send power to USB Shield, but the same problem.

I think that the connections for USB Shield to Arduino Mega may be different from the connections tu Duemilanove, but I can find any schema of this, for make the correct connections.

Any idea?

Thanks for help!

From the product description: "A four-wire serial interface is used to communicate with the host controller chip, so the shield connects the Arduino's hardware SPI pins (D10-13) to". The hardware SPI on the Arduino Mega uses different pins.

A software fix is to change the library to use SoftwareSPI and specify 10, 11, 12, and 13 for the SPI pins.

A hardware fix is to bend out the D11, D12, and D13 pins of the shield and jumper those to the MOSI, MISO, and SCK pins (respectively) of the Arduino Mega (somewhere around D52)