arduino mega using multiple strips ws2812 and 2811 in Vixen software

hi people. I am starting a xmas light project. Using arduino mega and Vxen software. I already made my 16ch relay and it works good. Now i want to add 8 led strip 6 ws2812, 2 ws2811 50leds each strip total of 400 leds. I have 2 arduino mega. One is to control the relay which i already did, and one to control the led strips. I downloaded the fastled library and test my led strip by running the multiple array sample sketch and they work fine. I also did all the work in the Vixen software. For the power source, i use 5v 60A and my connections are all good coz they work when i test them. I just need the right code/ sketch to make it work, to make it communicate with Vixen software.