Arduino Mega vs Arduino Due

Hello there :slight_smile:

I have to make a project with one of this two mikrocontrollers. Now I have to find out what to use.

My current knowledge is :

Arduino Mega is slower, but it has an output of 5V and it has more I/Os

Arduino Due is faster and has only an output of 3.3V

Which facts can i also look up?

Thank you for your help. I need to find out the differences. :o

Should you give us more details about this mysterious project, maybe we could give you some relevant advices.

I have to work with encoders, switches and a Display.

A Mega is just fine for your switches plus a display. With encoders, there is no special issue with a Mega as long as the number of pulses per second is not too high. When it comes to hundreds of thousands of pulses per second, IMO a DUE is more convenient because of its 2 hardware quadrature decoders.

Moreover, the fact that a DUE is an ARM and a Mega an AVR is not pointless in the final choice.

I have to work with encoders, switches and a Display.

As per your projects' requirement, you should go with Arduino Mega 2560, it works on 5V as most of sensors, modules and display etc. do. Arduino DUE has different set of applications.