Arduino mega wifi

hey guys I'v been trying to connect an arduino mega to the virtuino app via wifi to essentially control relay out puts in my car via an android head unit and i'm having trouble with the programming side on actually getting the GPIO pins to activate. I'm a big noob with programming, so if anyone could be of aome help i'd relly appreciate it

Edit -- opps I see you have already select an app (virtuino app)
In that case you need to set your ESP8266 as an Access Point for the app to connect to
See the WiFiAccessPoint example in ESP8266 install.
------- end Edit -------

An alternative uses my free pfodDesigner might help, it will generate all the Arduino code to switch GPIO pins on and off from an Andriod menu
BUT you will need to buy my pfodApp to run on the Android. No Android coding to do. All the functionality is in your Arduino code.

Also see Simple Home Automation for Beginners Android/Arduino for switching things on and off

This another user's project from years ago Car Entry System

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