Arduino mega with ATtiny85

Hello all,

I am trying to program a ATtiny with a Mega (2560).

So first I uploaded the program to ArduinoISP so I can program stuff.

using this tutorial

now after I did that, whenever I have +5V connected to the ATtiny, the Mega does not power up. once I remove the 5V connection from the mega to the attiny, the mega powers up. now before I uploaded the sketch arduionISP, I could have everything connected with no problems, besides the fact that I could not upload programs to the ATtiny ( this is another issue for another time, that hopefully the tutorial that I linked will help resolve).

I have seen other posts about uploading stuff with a mega, but i was not able to see anyone else with this power issue.

Thanks in advance for your help

ok fixed that problem, shorted out the board.... now i need to figure out the not accepting program problem.