Arduino mega with multiple servo motor

Hi, i'm new of the forum, so hi to everybody, first sorry for my english but this isn't my mother language. I'm a student of computer engignering and i'm working on a arduino mega board, i'm trying to interfae this board with multiple servo motors to let them work toghether. The first servo worked correctly, and with two or three of those servo it's all ok with a 1D array of servo. So my question is: how many servo can I attach on the board to control them at the same time? I've read that the Mega support at least 48 digital pin out usable for a servo, now i'm starting with one, the next step is build a 2x2 bidimensional array of servo, then 3x3, 4x4 ecc, so here come out my question, Thanks in advance of the aviability to the reader of this post. Riccardo

The standard Servo library allows upto 12 servos per timer, requires 16-bit timers, and uses timers 5, 1,3,4 on the Mega, which I think is all the 16 bit timers available (timers 0 and 2 are 8-bit).

On the Arduino Mega 2560 with the servo library you can use 48 servos. I have not tried 48 servos myself, but as far as I know you can actually use up to 48 servos. That is an array of 6x6 servos.

Do you have a seperate 5V or 6V power supply with lots of current for the servos ? They use a big start current sometimes.

If you need more servos, like an array of 10x10. You can use 4 Mega boards. Three for the servos, and one as the 'Master' that is connected to the other Mega boards via a serial RX,TX connection.

Hi, I'm using a stabilized power supply to give the external current to the motors, this is a loan of my friend, and it can output at least 30A in the line of 5v, so for the moment I'm ok for this, thanks for the reply, then for now I will use only one Mega board, creating a 6x8 array of servo, that is the maximum capability of the board, when I decide to go over I will buy another three boards and try to work with the controller board, the master and the two slaves boards. In the meantime I will study how to interface the boards toghether and how to set them, thanks another time for the reply, it was very useful. Riccardo