Arduino Mega with SparqEE Cell and Shield

Hello, I am building a project to collect NMEA Data and have already received some great help from the Arduino forums and now I am back with another request for assistance.

I have an Arduino Mega with a SparqEE Cell+Shield and need to understand how it functions. Unfortunately the example programmes from the web site do not work (this is probably down to me but nevertheless I can’t understand how to make it work.

I need to upload a text file each day from the Mega to my FTP site and a GSM etc connection is the only way as there Mega is situated in a remote place and running on its own.

Does anyone have any experience using the SparqEE Cell and maybe able to help me? I’d like an example of accessing the device to: make it active; check that it’s working; and then send the file.

I have no idea where to start and any help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks.