Arduino Mega with SSC32


I got recently SSC32 controller to combine with ArduinoMega.
It works nicely in most cases and promising in others,
.... BUT ..... when sketch is uploaded and power for the SSC32 is turned on
all servo motors on my hexapod go to all kinds of unpredictable
(sometimes extreme) positions where they all stay for two or three seconds,
some of them making nasty sounds and noises,
only after this going to the first positions scripted in the sketch.

Anybody experienced with SSC32 would be willing to share an idea of how
to get rid of this?

Thank you and do appreciate any help as always.

A quick search for SSC32 came up with the Lynxmotion servo controller.
So I obviously know nothing about it, nor do you give us any info on the programming and interfacing, but it could have something to do with the pin states.

Maybe the pins used as outputs are in such a state that affects the servo controller, making the motors do crazy things. You may be giving them conflicting commands too.

I would try to disconnect everything, check all outputs states one by one, maybe revisit the software - see if that takes you anywhere.

thank you for your reply.

this is what’s in the sketch, uploaded to Arduino board:

#include <SSC32.h>

int MOTORS = {1, 2, 3, 21, 22, 23, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 5, 6, 7, 25, 26, 27};

void setup()

void loop()

Serial.println("#1 P1500 #21 P1500 #9 P1500 #17 P1500 #5 P1500 #25 P1500"); // sets motors to positions

Serial.println(" #2 P1600 #22 P1400 #10 P1600 #18 P1400 #6 P1600 #26 P1400"); // sets motors to positions

Serial.println(" #3 P800 #23 P2200 #11 P800 #19 P2200 #7 P800 #27 P2200"); // sets motors to positions

Reset(); // goes to whatever else

I’ve disconnected/reconnected servos to pins many times.
there is also this “SSC32 Sequencer”, interface which lets you position servos by moving sliders on your PC. running it and all the tests included with it, … pins and servos worked just perfect.

Try basic troubleshooting.

Disconnect all but one motor, try to send stuff to it.

Or, try manual commands over serial to the controller, as it looks like the SSC is controlled that way.

Also, try delays in your code, you might need the commands to stabilize or to be acknowledged.

I've tried reconnecting the servos one by one,
have ran the tests, .... all this worked fine.
there is something to "delays", they might be helpful to some extent, I am messing around with those.
but the initial servo movement is there, so far not effected by anything I'm doing.

for now I've eliminated the problem with initial servo positioning by turning the power to SSC
only after I upload the code to Arduino board.
so as it s now it's just important not to forget to turn the power off before each sketch upload.

thanx for your help and advice.

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