arduino mega , xbee 900hp, digimesh issue

I have been using Xbee Pro XSC 900mhz(XBP9B-XCST-002) for a while now doing point to point wireless communication with arduinos on either side. It has been working great. They both use custom boards/shields for the xbee mount. No API, just straight serial communication.

I am now attempting to move to mesh with these devices. The xbee I am using for the mesh is the Xbee-Pro 900HP (XBP9B-DMST-002) with the digimesh firmware version 8071. I am configuring them with the following:

Base Station: (receiving) ID: 1 AP:1 ( API Mode without escapes) (have tried 2, also with same results)

Node: (sending) ID: 1 AP: 0 - Transparent Mode

When connected to two different USB explorers on two different computers, I can send data well from the node to the base station. As soon as I type a keystroke on the node console the Base Station console shows the incoming packing perfectly.

When I take the node module and put it into my arduino shield, my program is attempting to transmit as always, but nothing ever shows up on the base station console on the computer. In the arduino I am doing a basic serial3 println. I even reversed the modules and had the Base station in the arduino with it listening on serial3 and used the computer as the node and input serial text through, XCTU, but never printed anything out. As stated before this worked fine with the XSC modules, but will not work with the new 900hp one using digimesh. As I understand it, I don't have to use any arudino Library to send data from the node, although I did try this incase it was the issue. My custom board only has pin connections on VCC, GND, DOUT & DIN, but the documentation sheet says that’s all you need unless you are going to push firmware remotely.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Any thoughts?

anyone ever found that a pull-up resistor was needed to be enabled?