Arduino Mega2560 and Eclipse pin error and communicaton

I can not connect the arduino mega 2560 to my eclipse projects. I have Avr-plugin set. It works with Uno. I can not read the MCU signature.I know that the clock frequency is 16Mhz and I set the port to .\COMx. I use brate 115200 or 57600 and I have use also everything, and for programmer i use most Arduino programmer that works with Uno and i have tried stk500(all of them). It can not connect either to an arduino Mega2560 R3 and R2. I have also another problem with the pins. Everytime I try to add the pin_arduino.h for mega i get the error that you can see at the picture i have attached. The members of the array that does not get any error are the same that the arduino Uno has.

Is there and solution to my problems?

I haven’t tried to do what you’re doing and have no idea what the issues are, so all I can suggest is that you follow the errors you’re getting.

The errors indicate that various constants that look like hardware register addresses aren’t defined. I’d expect these to be defined in one of the board-specific include files. I suggest you track down where they’re defined within the Arduino environment and then try to figure out how to make that same definition available within your Eclipse environment. It might involve putting the required header file in the right place, or correcting the include search path so that the right copy of the header file gets included.

I have figured out that if i choose the libraries avrdude manage configuration to be atmega2560 then this the pin_arduino.h for the arduino mega gives no errors.So if anyone wants to compile the lib for different arduino he has to declare the mcu clock and the cpu at the library in order to use different pin out from the standard.

But i have the problem that the arduino mega does not want to communicate with eclipse.i get error what ever i did.

I get all the time the same error