Arduino Mega2560 does not enumerate with windows7

Hello Arduinoers,

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have two Mega2560 boards that were given to me in order to “try” to revive them.

One I guess that the bootloader or fuses corrupted and one that windows does nor recognize.
Connecting the board to any PC (WinXP, Win7 32bit, Win7 64bit) always give the Micro$oft:

Using a useful tool that allows to display the USB connected devices on your PC (USBView.exe downloaded from the FTDI Utilities page)

I can see that the board that windows does nor recognize, does not enumerate:

     [color=black][tt]Device Descriptor:
     bcdUSB:             0x0000
     bDeviceClass:         0x00
     bDeviceSubClass:      0x00
     bDeviceProtocol:      0x00
     bMaxPacketSize0:      0x00 (0)
     [b]idVendor:           0x0000
     idProduct:          0x0000[/b]
     bcdDevice:          0x0000
     iManufacturer:        0x00
     iProduct:             0x00
     iSerialNumber:        0x00
     bNumConfigurations:   0x00

     [b]ConnectionStatus: DeviceFailedEnumeration[/b]
     Current Config Value: 0x00
     Device Bus Speed:     Low
     Device Address:       0x00
     Open Pipes:              0[/tt][/color]

Any hint how this can be resolved?

  • Is this a Hardware problem? (I’m not sure if the problem started after a student provided the wrong voltage to the Mega or because the student tried to burn a sketch to the bootloader)
    Powering the board, gives life signals:

  • After power, the ON led is ON

  • The LED next to the 13th pin blinks once every time the board is reset

  • Is this bootloader problem?

  • Can’t run the loopback test… the hosting PC does not recognice the board…

  • But the board gives live signals…

What advice can you give me?

I have a JTAGICE3 I got on an ATmell seminar draw, that I was not sure how to use then (AVR is not my strong, I work with ARM processors)
I guess that it is possible to burn the bootloader with it… but I could not find any hint here in Do you have any advice on how to use it?

Thanks in advance…