Arduino Mega2560 to Android via Bluetooth


I am planning onto to write an Android app that controls some dc or servo motor on Arduino via bluetooth. I would like to know if I need any shields or any extra bits of hardwares to make this possible. I am planning to use Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 with Bluetooth Mate Gold module to communicate with the Android. Could I use ADK or do I need to write all the tools from scratch for the Android app? Thank you for reading.

Do you have any prior Java knowledge? Look into the ADK and maybe the SDK. Also there are some good bluetooth examples that come with the ADK that you can try.

Thanks for the reply. I have programmed in Java before, but I'm not as experienced. What's the difference between ADK and SDK? Do I need special hardware like Arduino Mega ADK or Amarino to program communiation between Android? Are there anything that I have to program before hand to make such application like motor control?


I believe they are App development kit and Simulator development kit. When I did mine via bluetooth using android, I just used a UNO Rev3, nothing special. You will need a UUID and maybe the MAC address on your BT module. There is a sample you can use, provided to you in the ADK. "BluetoothChat" it can send and receive chars between two devices. There is another BT example that someone made, that uses on-screen buttons. Look into both examples.

hello guys. I am using the software sensoduino to send data from an android phone to arduino, but I don't know why but the only way to receive data from the phone is to constantly press the reset button. I am using a bluetooth module HC-05, Galaxy S4, and an arduino mega 2560 and the bluetooth is connected to RX0 and TX1. Any ideas of what's going on here.

Reset button on what? What program are you using to talk to the arduino?