Arduino Mege with Sainsmart "3.2" touchscreen interrupt

I’m new her and I have some questions about interrupts

I programmed a home screen on my sainsmart touchscreen(with 3 buttons) and when i presse one of them (so I open a new menu) I have a timer and 4 other buttons.

My problem:
when the timer is counting down i can’t pressed the other buttons (they don’t work) but when the timer finished (for ex 59 to 0 sec) then the buttons works.
I tried interrupts (so i can touch my buttons on the same time) but I think I use the interrupts the wrong way.

Can some one help me with my problem? thx

(I give you me code without interrupts because the only problem is the timer interrupt)

test_meerderepaginas.ino (8.96 KB)

You have several loops of the form:

  while (true)

and no means of escaping them....

Hi, thanks for the answer

Yes I have several loops but that not the problem because the buttons works.I want to set a timer in the menu easy , medium and hard.

Or maybe I make a big mistake???

thx for helping :smiley:

See reply #1...