Arduino Memory

I am doing a project that requires 1 GB or more of code. I was wondering if the Arduino memory can be expanded. If not, will the about of GB on the microSD slot on the Intel Galileo account for the memory of the code? Thank you!

Normal Arduino boards can not do that, you need a mini-computer. But I don't know if the Raspberry Pi is enough for you. The Intel Galileo is a Pentium computer that is made compatile with Arduino, it is therefor not a mini-computer like the Raspberry Pi.

What is 1 GB of code ? Is that 1 GB after compiling ? How is it possible to maintain something like that ? And you want to run it on a embedded system ? Why not buy a real mini computer, like a mini-ITX system with a fast Celeron or Pentium ? Install Ubuntu on it, and run your 1 GB of code.

Can you tell more about the project as indeed 1GB is big.

Is 1GB code or (embedded) data or a mix?

To address 1GB of data on needs a 32 bits address bus, so only 32 bitters will work (OK there are tricks to create 1GB for a 16 bitter, but I assume)