Arduino + MIC + FFT + WS2811 Leds Spectrum analyzer

Hello all, Let me first congratulate you all for this wonderfull forum and all his members. I want to build a spectrum analyzer like this ( I have an Arduino Mega, microphone with pre-amp and some WS2811 leds. I have managed to get the spectrum visualization in proccessing using the FHT library and the "FHT_128_channel_analyzer". This was done to test the MIC and all is OK. The real problem is that I have no ideea how to link the FHT or FFT with the ADAFRUIT_neopixel led library. I dont want anything fancy, just something that looks like in the video above. Thanks

Or is there a way to extract readable frequency from FFT ?

Nobody nothing ? I know how to drive the LEDS but I just don't know how to read the output from FFT to use the frequencies to light different colors or strobe.

Can you supply some code and output? That will help. Maybe put it on github.

I am having the issue of not getting the FFT to work. I am fine with getting the neopixel library working.

You may try this library, example include NeoPixel 8x5 shield (adafruit). Sparkfun electret mic board connected to analog 0.

I do not know your FFT library but it should give you a table of frequencies and amplitude. Then you have to group your frequencies. You have 8 columns of leds, so it would be something like 20-50;50-100;100-200;200-400;400-800;800-1600;1600-3200;3200-6400 Hz (8 bands) Then you choose what to do with the amplitude data from these band (you can try and take the max value or avg) Then you divide each amplitude/band data by a number so that it is easier to route it to your leds. Basically you want for each band to have a number between 0 and 5 so that you know the number of leds to power.