Arduino Micro (AtMega32u4) + Potentiometer / Rotary Encoder - need schematic

I am looking for a bit of help, and I would be happy to throw some paypal bucks to anyone who can help provide me what I am looking for. It is a very simple project, but I have no experience making schematics.

I have made two very simple prototypes with Arduino Micros using the AtMega32u4 (can provide videos if needed). One simply has a potentiometer connected to the arduino (Voltage, ground, and A0) and the other has a rotary encoder (like a pot but with no stopping points...voltage, ground, A0,A1,A2). Basically, these prototypes just act like USB devices and send up/down key presses (and in the case of the rotary encoder, enter when you press in on dial).

We want to make these into nice universal dials for Android/PC, etc, but need a small PCB in order to make a dial nice. What I need to make is a schematic I can send to a PCB maker for them to make a small PCB that would accept the same code I have made for the Arudino. I know this is very simple stuff, but I have never taken a product from an Ardunio to schematic and I am afraid I will screw something up. Obviously, the final product PCB would need to be able to connect to a POT or rotary encoder (could be two separate PCBs for these two input methods) and accept the C code that worked on the Arduino Micro.

I have purchased a AtMega32u4 breakout board in case that helps for bread-boarding.

Does anyone know of any professional online services that specialize in going from Arduino prototypes to PCB?

Any help would be wonderful. And if any of you are very skilled at doing this...I am open to paying you if you can help me with this - will be a good learning opportunity for me too.



So, what you need is not someone to draw a schematic, but someone to layout a board.

Yes, I suppose that its correct. Looking to get a file in Eagle or some other CAD software that could easily be used to by a PCB maker.

Sorry, very new to this part of electronics and don't want to mess up the files I would send to the PCB I hear they can take weeks to make the PCB.

The company i use in china can usually turn around my PCBs n 10 days from receipt of the GERBER files.

I forgot to add .. I am a professional service that offers prototype development to production services.

Cheers Pete

PM'd . Let's talk :)

I wanted to circle back and mention how great Bainesbunch (Pete) and EmbeddedAT were to work with! Super fast and very helpful. If you are looking for a company to help take you from Ardunio to manufacture...they can help! Highly recommend! A++++ :)