Arduino Micro cannot connect to PC

So this is the second arduino Micro that I have built, the first one worked great, and I was able to boatload it with the no issue. The second one is giving me some issues. I was able to boatload the arduino Micro using my Arduino Uno, and everything went fine. But when I plug the Micro into my computer via the USB port, I get nothing. It powers on, and runs the blink sketch, but my computer won't even recognize that there is anything plugged in.

One thing I have noticed is that when I power on the Arduino micro it runs the blink sketch immediately, but when I click the reset button, the led on pin 13 fades in and out for about 7 seconds.

Any thoughts? I am about to just replace the ATMega 32u4 with another processor and boatload that one.

Can’t help but the different reactions to power on and reset are normal (at least for a Leonardo, no experience with the Micro).

On power on, the 32U4 immediately jumps to the user code. On reset it waits to see if the user wants to upload code; that’s the fading that you see.

So I decided to switch out the ATMega 32U4 with another one, and I still have the same issue. The arduino Micro that I built last week connects fine and works every time. No problem there. There is a small chance that there is an issue with the PCB and the D+ and the D- pins are not connected at all, but I have heard other have had this issue and wanted to know if there was a solution.