Arduino Micro defect after programming first time?

Hello everyone,

I bought an Arduino Micro and connected it to my computer. First I loaded the "Blink"-Program and it worked. Then I tried to load my own program and the Arduino wasn't detected by the computer anymore. The TX-LED and the blue ON-LED on the bottom side are lighting. When I press the Reset-button 2 times it is detected again (green LED is on) but after 5 seconds the green LED is off, it isn't detected by the computer anymore and the TX-LED is lighting again.

First I thought the board is defect so I sent it back an got a new one. When I tried to program the new board it was the same again.

I also tried another usb cable and another computer without success.

I already programmed an Arduino One with the same computer some time ago and it worked without any problems.

Is this there a software / hardware problem with the Arduino Micro or did i do anything wrong?

Operating System: Windows 10, 64 bit

Arduino software version 1.8.1.

Serial number: MHB17F003865

Thank you


If you can upload with a cable and next can't with the same cable, it's more than likely not the cable.

This is probably your code; show it using code tags.

** **[code]** **

Paste your code after that
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Or you have selected the wrong com port; I managed to do that with my Leonardo. You can observe the behaviour of the Micro in the device manager. After a reset, it will first show one port and a little later another one; it's the latter that you need to select under tools->ports in the IDE menu.

I can't select any port because the device isn't even shown in the windows device manager. When I reset the Arduino board by pressing the reset button two times, windows plays the sound you hear when you connect an usb stick. After about five seconds it plays the sound you hear when you disconnect an usb stick. So there is a problem with detecting the Arduino board an not with the code.