Arduino micro docs a mess?

I am trying to use the analog comparator of a micro.

The Atmel docs from the micro page: show AIN0 on pin PE6

The schematic for the micro: show AIN0 on also on PE6 connected to D7. However, it also shows AIN1 on PD2 connected to D0. AIN1 is not supposed to exist on this chip.

The green box labeled "Pin Mapping ATmega 32U4" on the micro page links to: ....for the Arduino Leonardo

a tad confusing!


Pin mapping on Leo and Micro are the same, that's why the link shows the same pin mapping.

I agree - there's no AIN1. I suspect the mistake was in the library used for the schematic, and the AIN1 on that pin got copied over and nobody noticed, because Arduino people very rarely touch the analog comparator.

This isn't an installation issue. I'll move this thread somewhere more appropriate.