Arduino Micro error - ERROR: TENSIONE 5V 1023

I'm getting a short quick flashing on the LED while the Arduino is plugged into serial, about 200ms off and 50ish ms on. Once unplugging or turning off the serial connection I get about 500ms off, 50ms on blinking on the same led (the rxled).

When attempting to communicate over serial I see this weird error that google hasn't led to results for "ERROR: TENSIONE 5V 1023", coming to the IDE over the serial connection. I can see no description for that error anywhere, some forums/people say to update the IDE which I did and the issue remains.

Finally, when attempting to upload code whether it be my own or the blink sketch the program just hangs until I press the reset button which then immediately causes the IDE to throw errors and exit the programming session.

I've had issues uploading to various Arduino products before but I've never seen this weird serial text nor have I seen this type of blinking on the LED.

Anyone know what any of these indications mean?

EDIT: Delete this thread please, I still have no clue why it was doing any of that stuff, but it was all fixed once I selected the correct board. Even after reading the name 5 or 6 times I still didn't make the connection UNO isn't = micro. Sorry fellas no problem here :frowning: