Arduino Micro IOD 14-20 location??


Here is the Arduino Micro pin mapping:

What i don't understand about it, is where are the IOD (Digital input & output) numbers 14-20 location on this board?

I was told these are the A0 to that true? If it NOT true...then what pinholes are IOD 14-20??

If it is true, is it true for every Arduino board, that the Analog IO are also Digital IO or is it true only for the Micro board?



So why under technical specs of the Uno - it is said that is has only 14 Digital IO pins and under the technical specs of the Micro it is said that is has 20 Digital IO pins? After all, the Uno also has 0-13 and then analog A0-A5, which adds up to 20 digital IO ?? or not?? or is it, that the Uno is not a 328 based board?

Does anyone know the exact answers to these questions?