Arduino Micro MAC Sierra Driver

Hi there,

I got my first ever Arduino (which is a genuine Arduino Micro). However I have a problem. I run MacOS 10.12.3. The Device does not show up in the system information/ USB list and I can't find it in the Arduino IDE port selection.

I searched the web for a solution for a while, but can't find any.

I came across several times with the FTDI driver issue, but it does not helped installing the driver (which makes sense because the Arduino Micro does not have an FTDI serial to usb chip :D)

Does anyone came across with this issue and can someone help me?

Thank you very much!

Install Windows. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I'd like a good answer to this question myself, as having to fire up Windows on my Mac whenever I want to do anything with my genuine Arduinos is annoying. My Waveshare UNO PLUSes, ChipKits, and other clones and clone-ish boards, all of which have FT232s on them, work just fine. Oh! The irony.

Haven't found any good solutions.

You're correct that your issue has nothing to do with FTDI drivers. The Arduino IDE includes drivers for the official boards in the drivers subfolder.

Check to be sure that the USB cable you're using isn't for charging only or faulty by verifying it works on another device.

The cable works properly. I opened the Arduino IDE app with the 'package content' and I had not find the driver files.

If I'm right the driver files should have a .kext extension, unfortunately there is no one in the app.

Someone recommended on the forum to use a simple USB HUB but this method does not work in this case.

Still no solution to this problem, which is very disappointing for a genuine Arduino...