Arduino Micro MIDI Help

I have an Arduino Micro acting as a MIDI controller that I am trying to hook up to a MIDI sound generator device. The sound generator's USB port will only send power/communicate if it detects a MIDI device plugged in on startup. However, the Arduino Micro by design waits a few seconds to act as a MIDI device. The current workaround is to plug in a midi keyboard I have lying around, unplug it, and then plug in the Arduino. Is there a way to program the Micro to act as a MIDI controller on startup, or should I be looking for a different solution?

That's the behavior after a reset, after power-up it starts the sketch immediately. If you sketch doesn't start the USB feature at first it's your fault.

Do you know exactly what your sound generator does at startup? The behavior you describe isn't conforming to the USB standard so I guess it's slightly different.

There's a power button that must be pressed and held for about 2 seconds for the sound generator to turn on. When the power button is initially pressed, there is a brief moment where the sound generator offers a pulse of electricity causing its display to flash. After holding for 2 seconds, the sound generator turns fully on. If there is a MIDI device or nothing plugged into the USB port, it will send power/receive data through the USB port. If there's a non-MIDI device plugged in, it won't send power.

The sound generator is not recognizing the Arduino as a MIDI device when plugged in and doesn't send power/receive data as the device is powered on.

This is wild guessing but I think the problem is not that recognition as a MIDI device but that the Micro doesn't ask for power on the USB bus. I'm not experience in that procedure so you might have search on the Internet for more details.

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