Arduino Micro not installing on Windows 7

I am trying to install the arduino micro using the IDE 1.0.5. on windows 7. Once i plug the usb cable in it tells me that it has failed installing the device. I go under Device Manager and the micro shows up under COM/Ports as unknown device. I tried to install the device by searching it under the driver folder but fails to install it. I tried to install the driver manually but my computer crashes and shows me the blue screen.

I'm having a similar problem. I had arduino r3 working for months, two days ago I got a nano, when I plugged it in, windows xp auto installed it. I just accepted the request for changes and then when I tried to upload a sketch to either my uno or nano my computer crashes with a blue screen. I used my ipad to flim the blue screen blip and see there is an error with ftbibus.sys.

I've tried for two nights to uninstall the usb driver and reload it but I can't for the life of me get it back working???

How do I completely remove the arduino and it's usb connection so I can do a clean install and get back working on my awesome project!

Turns out it was the usb drive somehow when connecting the new nano.

go to this page and download the appropriate version for your set up, it instantly fixed my problems!
ARDUINO is awesome!