Arduino Micro not running on external power

im now using the arduino micro board for a sketch, runs normally when connected to my computer (macbook pro) however when i try to run the sketch using external power no computer connection, it does not run, help? the board is receiving proper power as the lights turn on.

Please post the sketch using code tags(</> button on the toolbar).

im using the blink example, i cannot get this one to run so i havent tried my sketch i wrote

Ok, I was only asking because if you have a sketch that waits for Serial before running then the rest of the program on the Micro will never start unless the Serial Monitor is opened but the standard Blink example sketch doesn't do that.

do i need to connect the TX and RX pins together? i saw another post saying for older boards that might be an issue. even the sketch im writing doesnt use Serial, only reading from a sensor and outputting to an LED