arduino micro/ pro mix up

I am trying to build a usb handbrake and am using an Arduino micro to program the sliding potentiometer that i am using with it in the tutorial that i am following I realized that I made a mistake of getting the micro and not the pro micro. the solder points of the potentiometer are on a0 gnd and vvc the micro has a gnd and a0 but no vvc is there anything else that i can do with this to get this working or will i have to purchase the pro micro

here is the tutorial

Is the Micro a 5V device? If so the 5V pin is the same as Vcc.

The Micro and Pro Micro are 3.3V devices with a regulator to allow 5V power from the USB port.

I suspect that you mean Vcc, not Vvc. If so, what GroundFungus said.