Arduino Micro pwm pins

Hi, I’m a little confuse with the information about wich are the pins that contains pwm feature, the official data says that D4,D5,D6,D9,D10,D11,D12,D13 (8 pins )contains pwm; datasheet of arduino micro include D3 and exclude D4(see atached file); and information from internet says that D3,D5,D6,D9,D10,D11,D13(7 pins), what is the correct information? thanks in advance.

arduino_micro_schematic.pdf (102 KB)

The pin numbers in the datasheet are not the same pin numbers as on the board; there is a mapping that maps processor pins to Arduino pins.

Follow the schematic / official data for the board, not the datasheet.

Hi sterretje, thanks for your answer, my mistike, when I said datasheet I really want to say schematics, and watching that file I found that confusing information.

Any pin with OC in the name (inside the IC outline) is a PWM pin (to my knowledge).

You can easily test them all with a led and resistor; pin 13 already has the onboard led.

Yes I will need to test it, I would like to avoid that test and focus on my project but I have to do it. Just for clearfy things, in schematics PWM pins are labeled with a green text, those are:

A) IO11* B) IO10* C) IO9* D) IO13* E) D5* F) D6* G) IO12* H) D3/SCL* (ERROR IN 34 PINS HEADER, SAYS WITHOUT * SYMBOL)

that correspond to a pin Arduino Mcro as follows:

A)~D11 B)~D10 C)D9 D)~D13 E)~D5 F)~D6 G)~D12 H) ¿ D3 ?