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I am trying to power a microcontroller and LED strip off of ONE BATTERY. The LED strip needs a clean 5 V and may use close to an amp, but never actually 1 Amp. I have found some batteries for RC purposes that are 4.8 volts and I think would work for the strip, but the Micro needs more than that to run clean.

I would ideally like to replace the battery as needed, a connector on the micro could make for quick battery replacement.

If I put 4.8 to the Micro will it run correctly?

If I put 6 V or higher to the Micro, are there pins on the Micro that will deliver a clean 5 volts out, able to handle close to 1 amp?

It seems the Teensy is another option, but Im just more familiar with the Arduino environment. Thanks for any insight.

You can put 5V or under to the 5V pin (not going through the voltage regulator). You should be able to run down to 3.3V without too many problems.

I hope, if you are planning to put out around an amp to run the LEDs that MOSFETs or similar are in your design.

sokbok: If I put 4.8 to the Micro will it run correctly?

AVR chips will run down to 1.8V so 4.8V is plenty. Just make sure you connect it to the right input.

sokbok: If I put 6 V or higher to the Micro

Then you'd better connect it through the power plug which has a voltage regulator to drop it down to 5V.

You can put the 4.8V into the 5V pin on the power header. Use a 1N4001 diode from 5V (anode) to Vin (cathode) to prevent any regulator damage.