Arduino Micro Serial Monitor and map function

1 I have 3 mirco models and with 1.6.0 I just installed the serial port does not work at all.

Downloads work. The boards connect on Comm 4. Downloads work. The board type is not listed with the comm port. (As opposed to an R3 that I have that specially sayes "UNO" after the comm port that it connects on) This is on XP SP2.

2 With AnalogInOutSerial, when I first attempted to compile/download, the IDE

said that the map function was not defined in the scope. This persisted, but I just tried it again and compiled without incident. Very strange.

I downgraded to 1.5.8 and then to 1.0.5 and still no serial monitor functionality. I guess its the SP2 XP. I give up.

Solved. I was lazy leaving the laptop at SP2. Put SP3 on and everything is fine. Tried to find the actual requirements for Arduino IDE but came up dry. Probably says XP SP3 somewhere.