arduino micro + usb host shield + bluetooth

hello , i already bought an arduino micro , and i already have some basics about this , but i want to know if i can connect an usb host shield
to connect a bluetooth usb adapter and send information from and android smartphone , in case it can , i need help of wich USB host shield that can i buy and bluetooth device and the code, the bluetooth will be a bluetooth adapter for pc
in other words a tutorial for this .


I'm not clear what role the USB Host shield plays in your project?

Are you trying to physically connect the phone to the Arduino... is that it?

Why? Cant you use bluetooth? or even better a $2.00 ESP8266 wi-fi module instead? (or maybe even 2 BT modules?)
1 for the incoming Phone data..
1 for the outgoing PC data

The usb host shield will cost more than all other parts together.. x 2! LOL

I have messed with both using a pro-micro and usb host shield for a keyboard prank.... (gave up after it being so tedious to code the 'passive' portion of all key strokes)

I went a different route for the same prank..

ESP8266 wifi component

pro-micro was plugged into 'target' machine.
ESP was set up to broadcast an SSID (network name)
ESP was configured as a captive portal (meaning once y ou connected to wifi network.. didnt matter what page you requested in your browser you only got the HTML page I coded that was housed on the ESP that it served up.

The HTML page displayed/served was nothing more than a bunch of links/buttons.. with pre-determined actions.

  • move users mouse up/dopwn/left/right "XX" amount of pixels
  • go to 'desktop'
  • open a new tab in browser and request ROCK ROLL on YouTube
  • open up notepad
  • HTML page had a input field/form so you could send text to the target machine..


As far as a USB Host Shield.. I would say look at the Circuits @ Home USB Host Shield..

hi, i bought an Arduino microchip, i want to know whether i can connect a usb host shield
Want to connect to bluetooth USB converter and send information from and Android smartphones. I need the help of a USB host that I can buy and a bluetooth device and a code, bluetooth will be a bluetooth adapter for the computer,

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