Arduino Micro + Waterrot mSD Breakout

Hi everyone,

For my project I use Arduino Micro and Watterott mSD Breakout Board (

I have connected
Vcc → 3V
Gnd → Gnd
CLK → 13
D0 → 12
DI → 11
CS → 10

When I run Example SD-> CardInfo initalization fails.

Anyone has any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you set the CS pin in the CardInfo sktech to pin 10?

const int chipSelect = 10;

The breakout has an onboard voltage regulator. So you can connect 5V from the Arduino to 5V from the breakout.


Hi, thanks for reply.

Yes, I changed that. Forgot to mention that before. And on 3.3 V I have also connected AXL335 breakout also bought at Watterott. Could that be a problem?

Is there anything else I might forgot?

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I have not seen that you are using an Arduino Micro (with ATmega32U4).
On this you have to connect:

CLK -> SCK (first pin next to ICSP connector)
D0 -> MISO (second pin next to ICSP connector)
DI -> MOSI (first pin next to RST switch)
CS -> D10