Arduino Micro

I recently ordered an Arduino micro and am trying to install drivers for it but nothing is working, I've tried manually installing them and still nothing. Should i just throw this thing away?

I don't know, you've given us no information to go off of. Based on that, I suspect that the board is fine, and that you're doing something wrong.

What OS? What behavior are you seeing? What kind of micro did you buy? Which drivers are you trying to use? Are you being shown any errors? You should always post the full text of any and all error messages. Sometimes they are m ore informative than you think.

Also, all three of my UNO's are working fine, sketches upload to them and they communicate with the PC, but as soon as i plug in the Micro it attempts to install drivers for about 3 seconds then informs me there are none.

Sorry i am very new to arduino.

I am running Win7 It is a genuine Micro from Arduino Not sure about the drivers, I just googled Arduino Micro drivers and attempted to install what i found. The only errors i am running into are the Windows ones saying there are no drivers for this device found.

I found a fix for it. Here is a link if anyone else is having the same issues.