Arduino Micros cannot be found. Tried multiple machines. Win 7 (Solved)

I have recently purchased two arduino micros and I cannot see either on the two of my machines I have tried (windows 7). One micro has a green blue and orange LED light up upon connection where the other has just blue and green leds lit. I have looked around at the common solutions. I have tried different cables to no avail. I assume the cable is not the problem because I can transfer data to my phone with it fine.

I do not get a sound when I plug in the micro.

I do not see anything in the device manager when I plug in the micro.

I am using the most up to date arduino software.

Tried on windows 7 enterprise machines. Both 64bit.

UNO boards work just fine on.

Kinda at a loss. Anyone know easy fix or just send them back? They the same price as the UNO and space isnt an issue on this project.

EDIT: SOLVED The foam that was shipped with the micro must be somewhat conductive as it was shorting my micro. Perhaps for ESD protections. When I removed the foam my micro was seen by the computer. When I put it back on the device disappears from my device manager. I had not even considered the foam could cause an issue. :o Lesson Learned :)

*Edit 2: I connected the foam to a DMM. Corner to Corner less than 8k Ohm. Wow. *

CH340 driver ?

What kind are they?

That's really weird that you don't even get the sound on connecting to USB.

ieee488: CH340 driver ?

It's a micro! It's got native USB!

(unless you wound up with Nano clones instead - though those should still make a noise and show up, even w/out drivers, you get an unknown device in device manager)

It sounds silly, but have you tried other USB cables? There are an astonishing number of bad USB cables, it's surprisingly common problem (there are a lot of cables on the market sold as "charging cables" which don't actually connect the data lines, or have the datalines connected to resistors, as well as just shoddy cables that break, or have very thin power+ground wires)

I have solved the problem. Today when I removed the packaging foam (Seems odd) I noticed that the micro was then being seen in the device manager but the drivers were still not working. It probably has nothing to do with the foam. Maybe the system being rebooted was all it took. Either way my computer was then seeing the device (same cable as before) but still unable to find the correct drivers.

For whatever reason I had to go into the C:/Arduino folder and manually unzip the into that folder and then it worked.

Thanks for your help all.

Edit: It was the foam! drivers needed to be unzipped once the pc saw it.