arduino MIDI input

Hi guys!

I’ve encounter a bunch of problems during my arduino-job, so, here i am.

I’ve read almost all the topics that refers to arduino-midi but, however, i’m stuck.

My problem is: i want to send program changes from my guitar pedalboard to arduino, and enlight the led if is right.

Now, my code is

#include <MIDI.h>
#define nove 9

void setup() {
 pinMode(nove, OUTPUT);

void loop() {;
    digitalWrite(nove, HIGH);

But it still doesn’t work.

My board is an arduino duemilanove w/ATmega328.

I hope you help me guys :slight_smile:

  • What does your circuit look like?
  • What midi library are you using and what version?
  • What behavior are you seeing currently?

Disclaimer: I'm also struggling to get MIDI input working, so don't expect to much from me :)