Arduino MIDI Mixer?

Ive just purchased an Arduino Uno which I want to use for a MIDI project. But i also have an old DJ mixer that ill probably never use again so thought why not try and recycle it?

Im aware the UNO might not be right for this, but does anyone have any idea how i could use an analogue mixer could be converted or even reused into a MIDI controller etc? Can faders be used to send MIDI signals at all?

Any input would be great.

That should be doable, but I'd suggest you start-out by making a simple MIDI controller circuit that runs under software control (no buttons, or knobs or user input) and just sends out a command to play a note or two.

Once you've got a basic MIDI controller that can send MIDI commands, you can try adding some user-input and make it send control messages.

Thanks, can you signpost me anything you recommend?

Ive looked for basic midi to LED stuff and although I've found build I can't seem to find any code or build suggestions.

All you can do is to use the sliders as pots for the input to your MIDI controller.

I can't seem to find any code

This project has code and is a controller that sends MIDI CC messages.