Arduino ---> MIDI out (probably easy fix)


I have been trying, unsuccessfully to use a Duemilanove (I've tried loading each of the MIDI codes out there) to a Midisport 2x2 to Live.

I've followed all the ITP examples, read Tom's MIDI post, and everything else I can find but to no avail.

I think my problem is in the interface between my breadboard and the Midisport. Using the code from this tutorial I can get the button to send data out to PIN 1 (an the Tx led lights up) but on the Midisport I dont see the MIDI IN led light up. I can connect another MIDI controller to the Midisport and its works so I know the problem isn't there. Really I can only imagine its the way that I've got the midi jack wired or the jack itself. It's not a jack like the ones on the tutorial, it's a 5 DIN jack that has two legs on the front as well, similar to this: Could that be a factor?

Any direction appreciated.


That itp web site is not very good. The MIDI interface it has is not up to the MIDI spec. However most people find it works on most devices. Where you are almost certainly going wrong is you are not getting the right two pins from the DIN socket. If you have a resistance meter check the continuity between the pins and the actual sockets. Most people get the two pins swapped over so it is important to get them right. If you want to do it right see:-


I tried to work with the basic MIDI example in the arduino software, but it does not work..... this example is wrong???