Arduino Midi to Synth ic. Cheap midi sound module.

Great sound at low cost if you can solder a QFN44 package chip or you can leave it to the pros like I did.

Here's the link to the youtube video that I made; Arduino Midi to Audio through ATSAM2195 Synth ic (simple version) - YouTube

Atmel's ATSAM2195 is an inexpensive midi in/audio out chip. I bought it on (the only place that sells it individually). It is mounted on a QFN44 to DIP48 adapter (#4609 from, they soldered it for me). I'm sending midi signal from my ARDUINO compatible BOARDUINO to to the ATSAM2195-EK evaluation board circuit. You can find the PDF of the evaluation board (the schematics for making the ATSAM2195 work) at; Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology. You don't have to use tantalum or any fancy EMI filters for it to work. The audio from the board is going to my Air Guitar amp. The sound is just great. Say no to 8-bit music forever!