Arduino Mini 05 - Interrupts

I'm thinking about a project using the Arduino Mini 05 because of its size. I can't find any Information on how many interrupts this board supports and on which pins these are. For my project I'll need 4 interrupts, so can anybody tell me how many interrupts the Mini supports?

The number of interrupts in a function of the microcontroller on board. The mini has the same chip as an Uno, so you are stuck with two interrupts.

See this page for information on the number of interrupts each board supports.

What is it that you need the interrupts for? There may be ways to get by with only two by grouping them together or handling them differently.

The mini has the same chip as an Uno

, so you have the same number of pin change interrupts available to you (good search term there)

Hello and thank you for the answers…

I have a project where it is important, which of 4 buttons is pressed first - and the difference in time may be very small - so I think using interrupts would be the best solution…