Arduino Mini 328 Upload fail


I just received a new Arduino Mini. It is a new with 328 since 168 5V. The 168 is right uploaded in the socket communicating with the serial port with a MAX232 converter. I change the module, choice the boad Mini with 328. But can never upload. I've teste with IDE 1.0 and 23. Same result. avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_getsync(): protocol error, expected=0x14 , resp= 0x51


well it appears to be a firmware problem.It happen with me too. I buy a new pro mini 328 at sparkfun and aparently it came to me without the firmware uploaded. If you have another arduino working it is easy to program the boot loader on the bad one.You can program your working arduino and connect the bad mini 328 on it to upload the firmware. See this

You must disable the auto-reset to upload the file sucessfuly(it can be done adding a 120 ohms resistor from 5V to reset pin) Hope it help you

Hi, I think you have right, : the firmware is wrong. But I did nod understand how to load the right firmware in the ARDUINO Mini 328. Your example is for Arduino Duemilanove. Thanks

Hi, Thank you for your help .....

The problem : no bootloader burned

The solution : found an ISP and this link

Now, my upload run fine.

Best regards