Arduino Mini(5v) and Xbee Pro S2B with Bee discovery

Hi All,

As the title suggests, I have an Arduino Mini (5v), a Bee Adapter v1.2 from ElecFreaks, and a XBee Pro S2B.

I have the switch on the Bee adapter to 3v3 and the other switch to H (not sure what that is).

If I have the XBee on the Adapter and plug in the USB, I can use X-CTU to discover the node from another Xbee I have plugged in via USB (the coordinator).

However, if I unplug the USB and power the Bee Adapter from the 5V and GND on the Arduino Mini, I can never discover the node using the coordinator and X-CTU.

Any ideas? I haven't even gotten to hooking up the RX/TX as I can't even discover the node.

Thanks for the suggestions. Oh, the power is coming from a usb to ttl adapter to the arduino mini.

Between the USB-TTL adapter and the arduino, I'm showing about 38mA.

Update: just for testing, I plugged the power from the USB-ttl directly to the the Bee Adapter, and it's not discoverable. However, if I plug in the USB (doesn't matter what computer) I can discover it.