arduino mini analog pin numbers

This is a really silly question, but when I declare a pin number for one of the A/D pins on the mini, how do I go about it? On the diagram they're labeled AD# instead of just an integer pin number. Thanks for the info.

the analogue pins on the mini are numbered between 0 and 7

just use a number between 0 and 7

analogue pins are treated differently from the digital ones so there can be an analogue pin 0 and a digital pin 0


Let me see if I’ve got this right. For instance if I have a digital output on digital pin 5, and an analog input on AD5, I’d do something like:

int analogPin = 5;
int digPin = 5;

int analogVal = 0;
analogVal = analogRead(analogPin);

if (analogVal<123){
digitalWrite(digPin, HIGH);