Arduino Mini & Arduino Micro Current draw

Hello, I've been looking for a while now for the current draw or power spec for these two modules, it's odd they don't provide it with the basic specifications of the units.

in the tech specs they say operation voltage 5v and input voltage 7-9V but they don't list power or better yet the current draw?

Its the same for a lot of boards…

I figure its because nobody knows what you are hooking up to them so its hard to give a definitive number.
Most of the boards do include a “PER PIN” figure though.

Some of it requires a little homework from data sheets for the rest of the board.

Depends what you're doing with the chip and what power reduction techniques you use (and what parts you remove from the board - the power LED is a no brainer, that's straight overhead, and usually you also remove the regulator and put in your own lower-quiescent-current method of supplying 5v, since the regulators on those things, particularly the clones, are selected for criteria other than low quiescent current). Without such techniques, most arduino boards are like 50mA plus whatever load you put on the pins.

Generally speaking, the arduino boards are not monuments to good design on any metric (I find them almost painful to examine at times - particularly the clones) but that's particularly true with regard to power consumption. They're not designed with an eye towards low power applications.