Arduino Mini + BlueSMiRF(BT) + Maxuino

Hi, i have some problems to get my arduinomini working with BT and Maxuino (pduino ported to max). after uploading the pde-firmware (with the usb-connector) i have no problems to talk to the mini at all via maxuino. but when i want to use the bt-modem, there seems to be no data-transfer. i power the modem and the mini from the usb-connector and connected the modem to the mini described as in the tutorial. If i choose the bluetooth-modem from the maxuino, it shows the red light, which means it should be working, and the status led of the mini flickers. but i am not able to read data-input or switch the led on. thanks for any hints

Have you checked the baud rate? I'm not certain, but the bluesmirf may ship pre-set to 115200bps.