Arduino mini + Bluesmirf programming

We just got the arduino mini hooked up and working with a bluesmirf gold bt dongle from sparkfun. The code seems to work fine at 57600 (note: mini doesn't seem to work 115200 for some reason - anyone else experience this?). However, programming it through bluetooth through the Arduino IDE seems to fail every time - we can see it connecting to the BT serial port, but then it disconnects quickly, and the IDE returns after a while with the error "port is busy".

In the IDE we selected "Arduino Pro/Mini 8Mhz", which works fine when using a USB-Serial adapter.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Have not tried this out myself but various sources warn that this type of bluetooth connection can't be used for programming the arduino:

Also, I noticed on the schematics for the Arduino BT there are connections included there that are not in the implementations above. Perhaps these extra connections are important for programming via bluetooth, as the Arduino BT does this nicely.


i was searching all over but couldnt find a final answer…
does anybody know if it would somehow be possible to programm an arduino pro mini (or whatever) using a additional bluetooth module ?
I heard that the arduinoBT has another boothloader which allows remote programming. would it be possible to upload this boothloader on the arduino pro ?
Would be very happy if somebody could help me with this!