Arduino Mini + Infrared - help an MIT student :]

Soliciting help:

The project I’m working on is a two-way device that can be used to exchange information via infrared. I have 2 Arduino mini’s, and I purchased an IR buddy kit (

I need code that allows the IR buddy to send information, receive information from the other IR, then send the data to the pc.

I’ve found excerpts of code online pertaining to the Arduino reading an infrared receiver, and code for sending data to a PC. All of the code that came with the IR buddy kit was in pBasic, and mostly included programming remotes, and didn’t really have any insight into IR-to-IR exchange.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into filling in the gaps. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!



the IRbuddy manual has example code in PBasic. These should be really easy (especially for an MIT student, unless you’re in the philosophy Department :o ) to change to Arduino. It just takes good old slogging through the lines of code. the Arduino site contains a command reference, and there is also a very good open-source book linked somewhere in the forum that explains each command.

An example:

  LOW IRbSIO                                    // for Arduino use digitalWrite(IRbSIO, LOW) instead 
  PAUSE 5                                          // for Arudino use delay(5) intstead...

and so on…


Does anyone know what the equivalent command for SEROUT in pBasic would be in Arduino? Thanks!
-Ari :]

There is a lot of good information on the playground and the main site. Search around and you will find lots of good info!

serial.Print would be the equivalent.